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Jodie Mortag

Assistant Editors: 
Angela Carollo, Olivia Lehman, Marian Cramer, Christian Gartner, Maeghan Wikkerink
Cover art by: 
Leah Henckel


Layout by:

Kaytlyn Weidig


Stephen J. Kudless, Mary Catherine Harper, Colin Dodds, William Greenway, Thomas Piekarski, LB Sedlacek, Karen Mandell, Milton P. Ehrlich, Jonathan Bracker, DS Maolalai, Luke Sawczak, Michael J. Shepley, Sandy Feinstein, J. Tarwood, John Zedolik, Daniel Smith, Diane Webster, Eileen Van Hook, Fredda S. Pearlson, V.P. Loggins, Stan Kempton, Katherine Sinback, Zary Fekete

Past Issues

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Seems Cover 54.jpg
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A literary magazine since 1971.

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